Quality the way we understand it
Owner-managed company
Award-winning forwarder
Top training company
Quality management
Specified training courses
Blue logistics
Own x-ray gear
Reliable customs expert
Supply chain management
Supreme quality
  • Quality the way we understand it
    Being one of the largest forwarding and logistics service providers in the border triangle region, we offer more than just forwarding and logistics solutions in our advanced service portfolio. High performance is what we have in common with the Monarch Butterfly. Just as this butterfly does when flying across continents for up to 3,600 km we will show extraordinary performance to boost your business. Whether large or small quantities, enormous weights or complex requirements – we make it possible for you!
  • Owner-Managed Company
    As it has been since the foundation by Karl Streck in 1946, Streck Transport is an owner-managed company. So despite globalisation we keep our independence and we opt for sustainable business development and fair competition.
  • Award-winning forwarder
    As a forwarding and logistics company, we deal with different requirements every day. We work according to strict rules, which are standard for the high quality of our services. These high quality, environmental and safety standards are documented in our current certifications. These certifications distinguish us ...
  • Top training company
    We consider our students the largest investment in our company. Therefore, we continuously train our junior staff. With approximately 100 students, we are one of the largest training companies in the logistics and forwarding area in the triangle of Germany – France – Switzerland and have won several awards. By taking over our apprentices we ensure the consistent quality of our services. Find out more about our apprenticeships ...
  • Quality management
    We impart profound knowledge of quality, risk and safety in all areas of the company to our employees. We assure the quality of our services not only through the use of technology, but also by the constant improvement of our internal processes. So your orders are already executed professionally from the beginning. Read how we understand quality ...
  • Specified training courses
    Training ensures success. That is why we invest in the personal development of our team. Our employees undergo varied training during their careers. These enables our experts to specialise increasingly and maintains the quality of Streck Transport in the long run. Learn more about vocational training at Streck ...
  • Blue logistics
    Despite of the growing international trade of goods the transport and logistics industry has to make sure CO₂ emissions are reduced. Our contributions to climate protection are documented as part of a professional environmental management. The ISO 14001 certification confirms our effective measures in all areas of the Company. These are our contributions to a sustainable way of working ...
  • Own x-ray gear
    Since 2010, we have been using our own cargo x-ray equipment for aviation security. These X-ray machines are only handled by trained and examined staff, i.e. our aviation security personnel (LSKK). These employees are tested and approved by the Federal Aviation Authority. Read more about our examination of your air freight ...
  • Reliable customs expert
    When executing orders, we'll always have the entire logistics chain in mind. We find the ideal solution for each project. Especially in international trade, customs clearance plays a decisive role. Years of experience in dealing with customs guarantees you safe and fast customs clearance and professional transport of your goods across all borders. Our customs service for you ...
  • Supply chain management
    Streck Transport supports you with process transparency and fast solutions. This includes providing a web platform for order entry and shipping label printing through to the individual realisation of complex supply chains. These SCM packages are offered ...
  • Supreme quality
    Boost your business with our quality standards. Take advantage of the quality of our services and make use of our know-how. For we have the same goal: the optimisation of your supply chain and a faster and smoother transport of your shipments - nationally and internationally. Learn more about our services ...