Air Security

Being a "Regulated Agent", we ensure the safe transport of your cargo. We keep to a secure supply chain and examine unsafe cargo for you as a "Known Cosignor". Due to our trained and officially certified staff, we are able to declare your air freight as "secured" and ensure that your goods arrive safely and fast.

We offer the following checks:

  • X-Ray examination (X-Ray)
  • Explosive trace detection (ETD)
  • Search by hand
  • Inspection
  • Explosive detection dogs (EDD) - via Basel airport

This training courses on air security can be taken at Streck Transport in Germany:

  • Training according to VO (EU) 2015/1998 Kap.11.2.7 för staff with acess to identifiable air freight &
    Kap.  for staff executing security checks of goods
  • Training according to VO (EU) 2015/1998 Kap. 11.2.5 for safety commissioners

For our Swiss customers, we offer "Known Consignors" our assistance on the subject of air safety and certification through the BAZL.