Training and studies

Forwarding and logistics are colorful, diverse and complex
How about a well-founded education? Create interesting logistics processes worldwide, support our customers, stow containers, operate a forklift or drive one of our modern trucks! Find the occupations in logistics that suits you!

Or would you like to alternate between studying at the university and working practically at company? Then a dual study course is just the right thing.

So what makes us so special?
Our wide range of training. We are one of the few logistics providers in the market and we offer hands-on training: sea freight, air freight, ground traffic and logistics – at Streck Transport you will receive theoretical and practical training in nearly all sectors. Numerous awards for our trainees and students, e.g. BVL Thesis Awards, the Chamber of Commerce Award Logistics in Germany or the rank classifications in Switzerland demonstrate the quality of our education again and again.

Job variety gets its fair share of attention
We attach great importance to regular transfers to different divisions of our company and to varied tasks. In addition, excursions bring forwarding "to life" – e.g. you attend the nose-door loading of a cargo aircraft at Frankfurt Airport or take a harbor tour in Basel.

And after your training? We would like to keep you! Because the best people are the ones we have trained ourselves.

Convinced?  Send an application, you can expect a lot from us!


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