Wine and Groceries

Streck Transport works together with major manufacturers and retailers of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) as well as with small and medium-sized producers or distributors and is skilled in every phase of your supply chain. You just focus on developing, marketing and selling your products and leave the rest to us – we are specialised.

Our process management supports you in shortening the time of your product placement and in stabilising the connection with your business partners. The innovative logistics solutions of Streck Transport ensure that your packaged foods and beverages are ready for sale just in time.

In view of increasingly complex processes and shorter product life cycles we support you with a dynamic supply chain, effective cost control and cost optimisation. You are thus able to meet seasonal demands effectively and efficiently, to use new sales channels, to expedite product launches and to expand your global purchasing. Streck Transport is your ideal supply chain business partner, as we adapt every step of the supply chain to your individual business objectives.


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