Supply Chain Management

We connect you with your customer and suppliers
Streck Transport supports you with transparent processes and fast solutions. There is a wide range of options from an internet platform for order entry and the printing of shipping labels through to the individual realisation of complex supply chains.

Choose from our basic, comfort or premium packages and take advantage of our online service! The individual products can be combined as required.

Basic package – for simple dispatch support

Comfort package – for electronic connection

Premium package – full integration of processes on order line level

  • Most efficient solution for complex business processes - tailored to your needs on the basis of reference processes of joint process optimisation
  • SCM-platform for the realisation of complex supply chains from order to delivery
    - Visualisation and transparency of your orders and purchase orders
    - proactive and event-related intervention in running processes
    - Integration of all parties involved including purchaser, supplier and recipient
    - elektronic records
    - Reporting
  • Electronic invoices via pdf or EDI
  • Supervision through our Streck Project Management Team

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